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Nostalgic Wings, LLC operates a true time machine, a flying piece of aviation history: a 1929 Curtiss Wright Travelair E-4000 open cockpit biplane, powered by the reliable 220hp Continental Radial. We acquired this aircraft in 1995, professionally restored it down to every last nut and bolt, and went into business in 1997.

The Travelair is a three place, open cockpit biplane, in which two passengers sit in the front cockpit and the pilot flies from the back. Light on the controls and carrying six hours of fuel, it is a true joy to fly. This single aircraft has provided memorable experiences for thousands of passengers, many first time flyers, and even brought a few tears to the eyes of veterans who had not flown since World War II. Young and old alike enjoy this experience.


Part of the American Barnstormers
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